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Brendan Swindle is Breaking School Records – Presented by Madrocks

Derby High School swimmer Brendan Swindle is in his final year of competing at the high school level. The senior has been fun to watch over the years. We caught up with Swindle as he wraps up a great swim career at Derby High School. 

VYPE: Brendan, when did you start swimming for Derby and what age did you first start competing in the sport? 

Swindle: I started swimming for Derby my sophomore year. And I started competing swimming the same year.

VYPE: What do you love most about your team and teammates? 

Swindle: We all are really close friends with each other, and we are all very competitive to motivate each other to get better.

VYPE: What are you most proud of when you look back at your swim career at Derby? 

Swindle: Right now, it’s breaking two relay school records at League.

VYPE: What are your plans after high school? 

Swindle: I am attending Barton Community College next year for swimming and to study wildlife sciences. 

VYPE: Who has been a big influence in your life, in or out of the water?

Swindle: All of my friends on the Derby team and my Aqua Shock teammates. They were the main reason I got into swimming and give me motivation to keep getting better with them.

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