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Derby’s Trent Parke – Performance of the Month – Presented by Hog Wild Pit Bar-b-q

Trent Parke has been called the “unsung hero” of the team by head coach Brett Flory. Coach Flory said of Parke, “Trent is a leader, a hard worker, an unselfish teammate, and a coach’s dream. Don’t let the unsung hero title make you think he can’t play, because he had a 27-point game last year against a state tournament McPherson team,” said Flory. 

For Parke, taking on that title is just as important as scoring points.

“It means a lot to me especially coming from coach Flory. I have been working hard to play the exact way he wants us to play since I was a freshman,” said Parke. “I define it as someone who isn’t looking to be in the spotlight. A leader who just wants to win no matter if it’s him everyone is talking about or one of his teammates.” 

Parke loves being a member of this team and he loves his teammates. 

“I love how we can talk to each other about anything. It doesn’t even have to be basketball related. We are a very close team that legitimately has love for one another not just on the basketball court. We care about each other as people first and use that to work together once we’re on the court together,” said Parke. 

The excitement level is building, and Parke and his teammates can feel it coming into a new year. 

“I’m excited to just see how we put it together this season. There has been a lot of buildup coming to this season for our senior class. Since freshmen year we have been talking about being the best class to ever come through Derby, and this season we finally have the opportunity to show what we are really about,” said Parke. 

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