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Derby’s Callie Snowbarger – FCA Athlete of the Month

Originally published November 18, 2020

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes of the Month is Callie Snowbarger, a junior at Derby High School. Snowbarger plays outside and right side for the JV volleyball team and has helped lead the team to a 13-3 record this season.

For Callie her involvement at FCA started at an early age thanks to her family,

“I started going to camp when I was seven, then I was a junior intern during my freshman year and I started going to all the FCA camps in sixth grade. My aunt, Kelly, runs all the FCA events so she got me really involved with it at an early age and I just really enjoyed it and I’ve just stuck with it,” said Snowbarger.

She says the enjoyment she gets from FCA has to do with her friends and always learning something different.

“I like going to FCA a lot because I can bring my non-Christian friends and they are surrounded by people who love God just as much as I do and I just always learn new things about God when I go,” said Snowbarger, “It’s great since we’re all athletes we all get busy, so it helps us refocus on God as opposed to focusing on our sport or school.”

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