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Blake Chadwick and Isaac Ray – Derby boys basketball seniors

Derby boys basketball has two seniors: Blake Chadwick and Isaac Ray, both who have started this season. Coach Brett Flory breaks down both players’ games on and off the court.

Blake Chadwick: “The first thing that stands out about Blake is being a positive leader and a positive role model on the team for others. His enthusiasm is contagious and he does things the right way, on and off the court. Offensively, Blake is an unselfish player who makes timely shots without forcing anything, and he has really improved his ball handling and decision making this year.”

Isaac Ray: “Isaac is also a great positive role model and team leader who I can always count on to do the right thing. Isaac could easily start for us, but unselfishly accepted a “6th man” position for the good of our team. His versatility as a 6-5 player who can shoot, handle and pass allows us to sub him in at any position, and defensively his length and effort make him equally as versatile.”

Chadwick and Ray off the court: “Considering the extraordinary circumstances and challenges that have marred their senior year, I am amazed at how both Isaac and Blake have handled the situation with positive attitudes and enthusiasm. I could not imagine handling things as well at they have when I was their age.”

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