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Derby’s, Adalynn Greer – Student Of The Month Presented By Advanced Physical Therapy

By Matt Browning

Adalynn Greer from Derby was chosen as the Advanced Physical Therapy Athlete of the Month for October. Greer went to APT for pain in her quads that prevented her from running in softball and track.

“My overall experience with APT was really good,” Greer said. “I thought I was going to be injured for a while since every little thing I did it hurt but once I went to APT two times a week I was already up and going, they made me feel better very fast. I loved every little experience there.”

There was one particular exercise that Greer worked on at APT that she liked
the best.

“An exercise (I liked) was working my gluts and getting them strong,” Greer said. “Also was this scrubbing gel that made my legs feel really good.”

Greer had strong recommendations for APT and would suggest any injured athlete who needs therapy to
consider APT.

“If you are injured in any way and want to get better really quick I would more than likely go to APT,” Greer said. “They help you with everything you need and give you so many different ways to get you back and going.”

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