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Derby High’s Alexis Mullen – Multisports Student Spotlight Presented By Multisports

By Matt Browning

Alexis Mullen of Derby was chosen for the Multicon Profile for September. Mullen plays clarinet for the Panthers marching band.

“My favorite part of being the in the Panther marching band is the strong sense of community and family that we emphasize on,” Mullen said. A huge part of our group is understanding that band is a we/us activity and that every member is just as important as any other.”

Mullen said her favorite memory of being in the band is being on the field with her fellow band members.

“The energy is high just before we begin performing and it’s like the entire group clicks into place to create something amazing,” Mullen said.

The preparation for the season is an arduous one for Mullen and the band, which includes a preseason camp and plenty of hours working on routines.

“The preparation for our competition season includes an intense two-week camp before school starts where we spend four hours outside and three hours inside every day practicing our marching and choreography skills,” Mullen said. We then spend one to two and a half hours every day before school out on the practice field. It’s very rigorous but very rewarding.”

Mullen plans on attending the University of Kansas next year and pursue a degree in Physical Therapy.

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