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Q&A with Derby’s Mason Anderson – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Madrocks

Derby athlete Mason Anderson spoke with VYPE in a recent interview.

VYPE: What are your personal goals for the year?

The first personal goal for me would to be one of the best defenders in the state and to improve especially on all of my shooting percentages from last year over the course of our season. Lastly I want to be a great leader and teammate to all my teammates to lead us back to where we were last year to that last game in the tournament.

VYPE: What is the most fun you have had in the last year?

Most definitely the state tournament, that whole week was well worth while knowing how much work we put in to get there and moving on to play the weekend and win our last game together as a team was a very special moment for our team, seniors, and the coaches.

VYPE: Who is your favorite teacher from any grade, and why?

My favorite teacher was my 8th grade pe teacher Mr. Gomez because he had a great sporty kinda funny personality just like me and we became basically best friends over those years in middle school and still talk with him today.

VYPE: What is your favorite athletic memory?

My favorite athletic memory was the Washburn game for the substate championship there, the electric environment had everyone fired up and of course it was very stressful and scary, but the 4 overtime finish was full of happiness and joy after jack hit that digger at the buzzer.

VYPE: What teammate has left the biggest impression on you and why?

I think Kaeson Fisher Brown has made the biggest impact because I look up to his work ethic everyday being in the gym as much as possible to get where you want in life through hard work and determination. He still trains me to this day every weekend giving back to the young ones still in the program while he goes on to bigger and better things himself

VYPE: What is your favorite part of being on this team?

I love the chemistry every single one of us have not only with just the teammates, but we have built very strong relationships with our coaches pushing us to our maximum everyday in practice and weights. We don’t let anyone slack and hold everyone accountable because one person can bring down a whole team when it comes to the little things through a whole season.

VYPE: You can pick any place for a summer vacation. Where do you go, and who do you take with you?

I would go to Hawaii with my 4 friends since i’ve never been there before and I love the beach. The volcanoes would be cool to visit also.

VYPE: If we gave you $500 and you had to spend it in the next 24 hours, what would you spend it on?

 I would spend it on one thing, i’ve been wanting some Jordan 4’s for a while and they are pretty expensive so that would probably take up the whole 500.

VYPE: What Clubs or Campus groups are you involved with and why?

I’m involved with paint gang at the football games in the front row of our student section. I do it because we have lots of fun at the tailgates and dressing up to the themes for the games.

VYPE: Are you involved in academic excellence activities such as the National Honor Society, Student Council, or other academic clubs?

 I am not in any academic excellence clubs at the high school but I’m an Early College Academy student at Butler currently working on my way to get my associates degree in health sciences the same time i graduate high school in May 2024.

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