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Derby Coach Spotlight with Christy Weve – Presented by Advanced Physical Therapy

VYPE: Can you explain to me how good everyone feels with the quick start? 

Weve: We are excited about where we are.

VYPE: Did you expect this fast or a start?

Weve: We play tough teams and (are) a tough league. Anytime we can get a win we are grateful. 

VYPE: How do you keep the team hot?

Weve: We work on the little things, work on making routine plays, a lot of game situations and try to make practice competitive.

VYPE: Who are the biggest contributors?

Weve: Everyone has contributed so far this season. Each game someone has stepped up in one way or another.

VYPE: Who has surprised you?

Weve: Who hasn’t? I would say impressed over surprised. This team has really impressed me with their desire to get better every day. They show up every day with a good attitude, willingness to learn, the desire to get better and just wanting to be a great team. Each player is a great teammate.

VYPE: How has this year’s pitching helped the strong start? 

Weve: We are currently 12-2. Morgan Haupt and Addy Canfield have really done a great job developing their pitches, hitting their spots and changing speeds. They give our defense a chance to make plays, and that is what we need. They trust their defense. They trust their teammates to get the job done.

VYPE: What is special about this team?

Weve: Their team chemistry. They are a fun group, get along well, support each other and really want what is best for the team.

VYPE: What has your approach been, coaching this team?

Weve: A team approach, being able to trust each other and trust the coaches. Our seniors Morgan Haupt and Audrey Steinert have made this easy. They have done a great job of bringing the team together. We have been stressing to win every inning.

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